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4 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

W12 CNC four-roller plate rolling machine has independent intellectual property rights with a variety of workpiece data programming and storage, automatic one-button roll completion of the function of fully automated roll forming equipment, in the domestic R & D and production of CNC four-roller plate rolling machine as well as the market application is in an advantageous position. My company developed the CNC four-roller plate rolling machine control system closer to the domestic localisation of the actual use of demand, easy to learn, low cultural level requirements. Has become a strong competitor and alternative to imported CNC plate rolling machine.

Four-roller plate rolling machine is suitable for bending and forming work of metal plates, it can roll round, arc and a certain range of conical workpieces, and has the function of pre-bending at the end of the plate, the remaining straight edge is small, and the working efficiency is high, and it can be roughly calibrated for the metal plates on this machine.


1,W12 CNC four-roller plate rolling machine is equipped with programmable CNC system, which can store hundreds of automatic rolling data of different workpieces, and realise one-key call and one-key start. No need for manual operation, automatically complete the workpiece rolling.

2, This model not only meets the automatic rolling processing of round, but also meets the automatic rolling of all kinds of curved, square, triangular, flat circle, oval and other workpieces.

3,The operating system is equipped with EPS electronic automatic levelling system, which can automatically adjust the parallelism of the movement axis to ensure product quality.

4,The equipment to the material, pre-bending, roll round in a roll process is completed, pre-bending the remaining straight edge amount of ≤ 1.5 times the thickness of the plate, roll round with high precision, to meet the requirements of automated welding.

5,The model adopts inverted side roller cylinder patented technology (Patent No. / 201420466512.2), in order to improve the sliding stability to reduce equipment failure at the same time, can effectively reduce the height of the machine body to meet the needs of the ground installation to reduce the user's equipment, such as pits and other infrastructure costs.

6,Strictly in accordance with the process requirements, the frame and other welded parts annealed and shot peened to remove internal pressure, improve the strength and stability of the body.

7,Equipment can be equipped with optional internal automatic lifting frame and automatic external bracket, etc., can be effectively controlled in the process of rolled workpiece rolled in the deformation of self-weight, auxiliary rolled to reduce manual labour, to provide product quality and work efficiency.

8,The equipment can be equipped with four-roller plate rolling machine on the roller roll cone device patented technology (Patent No./ZL 2009 2 0236158.3), which can meet the requirements of the user rolled conical workpieces, but also has the advantages of easy operation, low cost, good quality rolled.

9,Full hydraulic movement, multiple independent hydraulic motors, to ensure good feeding function for any thickness of material

10,Energy-efficient hydraulic motor drive roll plate (planetary gear direct coupling drive)

11,Clamping rollers are arched to correct deviation and increase driving and clamping capacity

12,Special hydraulic brake valve can make the pressure roller stop moving instantly

13,Hydraulic protection against overload

14,Automatic line speed compensation

  15,Complete power unit, including valves and piping network

   16,Hydraulic drive card yoke / upper pressure roller automatic balancing

   17,Machine line ready to work as soon as the power is turned on

   18,Electrical control cabinet including overload protectors, fuses, safety locks, starters, etc.

   19,Pre-bending at both ends of the rolled plate, so that the rolled plate machine in the medium rolled plate capacity conditions, once through the rolled plate forming

   20,All the pressure rollers are installed with spherical double-crown ball bearings, featuring self-alignment, anti-friction and lifetime lubrication-free.

   21,clamping pressure adjustment system, can preset the pressure of the lower roller relative to the upper roller, to prevent excessive squeezing pressure and scratches caused by the material deformation

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