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What do you know about the tube rolling machine?

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The tube rolling machine plays an irreplaceable role in modern industry. In the tube rolling machine, whether it is to use or order, you need to have a certain understanding. The tube rolling machine will be briefly introduced below.


  • What are the Features of a pipe rolling machine?

  • What is the application of a tube rolling machine?

  • What is the working principle of the tube rolling machine?


What are the Features of a pipe rolling machine?

1. Pipe rolling machine applies full mechanical drive, with a compact structure and high reliability.

2. Driven by three wheels, pipe rolling machine will not slip easily and the thin wall can be bent.

3. The wheels at both sides are distributed asymmetrically, which shortens the linear segment.

4. Parts can be fed at both sides of the wheel.

5. The double foot switches are provided with an emergency stop function, facilitating operation.

6. Pipe rolling machine has a balanced drive. Adjusting the pressing can obtain a circular arc or spiral shape with different curvatures.

7. Changing the groove shape of mold can process different metal profiles, such as angle steel, flat steel, round steel, and other shaped cross-section steel.

8. Pipe rolling machine can bend profile with a large radius, which prevents the disadvantage of especially big bending mold. It is a necessary supplement to single-end and double-end series tube bender.

9. The product can have medium and large volume production and can operate fast with high efficiency.


What is the application of a tube rolling machine?

The electric tube rolling machine is a portable hydraulic tool for on-site construction used for pipeline installation. The tube rolling machine has the characteristics of compactness, lightness, convenient movement, and disassembly. Suitable for cold-formed all kinds of seamless steel pipes, mainly used for electric power construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, road and railway construction, decoration, and other aspects of pipeline laying and repairing. It has multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient movement, and installation. Fast and other advantages.


What is the working principle of the tube rolling machine?

Using a hydraulic drive, the slider part is composed of a fine-tuning structure of the tube rolling machine, a cylinder, and a mechanical stop. The left and right cylinders are fixed on the frame, the piston (rod) is driven by hydraulic pressure to move the slider up and down, and the mechanical stop is controlled by the numerical control system.

1. This tube rolling machine adopts hydraulic and electric control, the stroke of the slider can be adjusted arbitrarily and has the action specifications of inching, semi-automatic, and automatic. It can be easily tested and adjusted by the jogging method;

2. The design of the upper mobile pipe bender, the two cylinders work at the same time, the operation is balanced, convenient, and safe;

3. There is a pressure hold delay function at the bottom dead center to ensure the accuracy of the pipe rolling machine;

4. The accuracy of the bending angle refers to the standard JB/T22572-1999.


There are complete types of tube rolling machines, including automatic and semi-automatic, large and small, users can choose their machine according to their own choice. ChaoLi Company is ready to assist with any technical requirements from you. You will get a 24-hour engineering and development environment that is performed simultaneously with manufacturing.


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