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What is the application of a tube rolling machine?

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At present, pipe-making machines are widely used in the construction industry, machine manufacturing industry, and chemical processing industry, which are inextricably related to our life.

  • What are the characteristics of the pipe rolling machine?

  • What is the working principle of the tube rolling machine?

  • What are the advantages of the tube rolling mill?

What are the characteristics of the pipe rolling machine?

1. Tube rolling machine adopts a complete mechanical driver with a compact structure and high reliability.

2. Driven by three wheels, tube rolling machine is not easy to slip and the thin wall is easy to bend.

3. The wheels on both sides are asymmetrically distributed, and the linear part is reduced.

4. Parts can be supplied from both sides of the wheel.

5. Double foot switch provides an emergency stop function for easy operation.

6. Have a balanced driving force. Adjust the extrusion to obtain arc or spiral shapes with different curvatures.

7. By changing the groove shape of the die, various metal processing documents such as angle steel, flat steel, round steel, and section steel of other shapes can be processed.

8. Large radius bending professional documents, especially to prevent the disadvantages of the large bending die. Lifebuoys of single end and double end series need to be supplemented.

9. The product can carry out medium and large-scale production and operate efficiently.

What is the working principle of the tube rolling machine?

The slider part is composed of a cylinder and a machine block, the fine adjustment structure of the slider using the hydraulic drive. The left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the lathe, and the hydraulic drive piston (lever) moves the slider up and down, and the machine block is digital It is controlled by the control system.

1. This tube rolling machine uses hydraulic and electric control, the slider's journey can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it has moving, semi-automatic, and automatic operation standards. It can be tested and adjusted conveniently through the actuation method. there is.

2. Upper movable bender design, two cylinders work at the same time, balancing, convenient for safety.

3. The bottom dead center has a pressure delay function to secure the precision of the tube rolling machine.

4. Refer to JB/T22572-1999 standard for corner precision.

What are the advantages of the tube rolling mill?

1. The tube rolling machine adopts HMI touch screen control, hydraulic drive, automatic lubrication system, manual and fully automatic operation, automatic cutting, automatic collection of finished products, burr, waste recycling, and so on, can work 24 hours a day, save a lot of manpower, One person operates a machine.

2. Convenient operation, stable performance, high working efficiency, and high safety factor. Tube rolling machine can cut special tubes, elliptical tubes, circular tubes, square tubes, high frequency welded tubes, etc., and is a piece of Ideal automation equipment for high throughput cutting and processing.

3. The length of the processed material is 360 - 6600mm.

4. The cutting head is a multi-gear gearbox, which is more stable and energy-efficient. The oil circulation cooling system ensures the reliability and durability of the unit and prolongs its service life.

5. The structure and components of Mechanical Movement are all CNC automatic lubrication systems. The movement of tube rolling machine can ensure long-term maintenance and long service life.

6. Unique clamping system to make sure the product is not scratched or bumped and the delivery process is smoother.

7. Programmable sensor control, simple operation, simple and convenient maintenance.

8. Tube rolling machine is equipped with a waste and liquid filtration system, which can be centrally processed, convenient, and clean.

The types of tube rolling machine are complex, and they have their subdivided fields and applicable scopes. Choose the appropriate one according to the specific situation. For many years, ChaoLi Company has been a trustworthy supplier in the rolling and being machines area. If you choose this company, you will get the best quality products and the most intimate after-sales service.

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