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Boiler, pressure vessel, deep-freezing industry

Chart Cryogenic Engineering Systems (Changzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Sichuan Chengde Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Tianhai lndustry co.,Ltd.
Fives Ceyo (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
COFCO Oils (Qingzhou)Co.,Ltd.
METSO Paper Technology (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Foshan Liangqi Gas Cooking Appliance Co.,Ltd.
Hebei Smart Cryogenic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Xinjiang Kingtec Steel Co.,Ltd.
Sida Boiler (China) Co.,Ltd.

Pipeline and mining industry

Hubei Gezhouba Dolion Formwork Co.,Ltd.
Yankuang Group Co.,Ltd. New Century Branch
Shenyang Heavy Shuangma Machine Co.,Ltd.
China National Nanhai Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Xingyuan Dingxin Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
Henan Gaoyuan Road Maintenance Technology Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Judo Pipeline Industry Co.,Ltd.
SINOPEC Pipeline storage & Transportation Company (Xuzhou)
CangZhou HuaBei Petroleum Feida Drilling & Production Equipment Co.,Ltd.
China Railway No.8 Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.(Naqu Project)

Petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, and energy industry

Dong Fang Turbine Co.,Ltd.
China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Hubei Yihua Chemical lndustry Co.,Ltd.
China National Chemical Engineering No. 9 construction Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Kefei Technology Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Sanmei Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Changzhou Macroprocess Lustration Technology Co.,Ltd.
Angel Yeast Co.,Ltd.
Oilfield Engineering Co., Ltd. of Jianghan Oilfield Administrative Bureau
Ningxia Petroleum Chemical Industry Construction Co.,Ltd.
Anhui BBCA Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Guoxing lndustrial Co.,Ltd.
Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The Fifth Construction Company of SINOPEC
Formosa Heavy Industries Corp.

Special vehicle and shipbuilding industry

Shanghai Xuhui Environmental Sanitation Special vehicle Refitting Repair Factory
Gongzhuling MingQi Special Automobile Refit Co.,Ltd.
Fujian Qiaolong Special Purpose Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
Zhongshan AUTO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Heavy vehicle Group Special Truck Co.,Ltd.
Kaishan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. from China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation
Jiangsu Huatai Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd

Field installation, steel structure and machine industry

Shanghai Baosteel Engineering & Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Chengdu Panchenggang Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Zhoushan Electric Installation C o.,Ltd.
No.6 Engineering Branch of cccC (China Communications Construction Company) Second Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd.
Hunan Jinfeng Steel Structure Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Zhongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Linyi City Yuheng Machinery Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Suzhou Zhongtian Equipment Installation Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Suzhou U.P Wear Resistance Compound Materials Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Jinxin Steel Structure Building Installation Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Changzhou Katsushiro Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Laiyang Hongda Road Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Province Industrial Equipment lnstallation Group Co.,Ltd.

Housing painting and decoration industry, pump industry, and special material industry

Anhui Wonderful-wall New Materials Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Kaier New Materials Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Hanlin Enamel Co.,Ltd.
Dongguan Yundong printing technology & Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Xiya New-style Adornment Material Co.,Ltd.
Huangshan lndustry Pump-making Co.,Ltd.
Shenyang Industry Pump Co.,Ltd.
Nanfang Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Liansheng Pump-making Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co.,Ltd.
Sichuan Jinxing Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Climaveneta Chatunion Refrigeration Equipment (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Sichuan Forever Holding Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Zhongtian Composite Material Co.,Ltd.
Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co.,Ltd.
Northwest lnstitute for Nonferrous Metal Research(Xi'an Baode Powder Metallurgy Co.Ltd.)

Aerospace manufacturing industry, automotive component manufacturing industry ,filtering industry and motor drive industry

Zhonghang Guihang Automotive Components Co.,Ltd.
Beijing lnstitute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering
Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Science
Zhonghang Corrugated Pipe Co.,Ltd.
061 base of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC)
AVIC Jingcheng Nanjing Engineering Institute Of Aircraft System
Yuanda Valve Group Co.,Ltd.
Changchun Automobile stamping Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Heavy vehicle Group co.,Ltd.
Wenzhou Chaohang Technology Co.,Ltd.
Siemens Standard Motors Co.,Ltd.
Faurecia (Changchun)Exhaust System Co.,Ltd.
Yatong Jiewei Electromotor Co.,Ltd.
Foton Lovol Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Shanghai Electric Elevator Co.,Ltd.
Alcoa Kunshan Aluminum Products Co.,Ltd.
Chery Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Gomon Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

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