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2 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

One of the rollers is a steel roller, the other roller is a steel roller core wrapped with an elastic layer, the plate is placed between the two rollers and adjust the distance between them, so that the contact - pressure - rubber roller deformation, the plate is deformed locally, driving the two rollers to rotate, so that the plate is continuously curved and rolled into shape. The sheet can be processed and shaped in one roll, with no obvious straight edge and high precision of roll rounding. It is high efficiency, high precision, highly automated rolled plate processing equipment.

Hydraulic automatic two-roller plate rolling machine production line is an automated metal rolling and round processing production equipment developed on the basis of two-roller plate rolling machine, which realises the whole process of automated production, such as automatic layering of plates, automatic picking up, automatic loading, automatic material pairing, automatic feeding, automatic rolling, automatic discharging, and so on. The equipment has a high degree of automation, which can effectively guarantee the product quality, improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost and reduce the labour intensity. It is widely used in the rapid mass production of thin-walled pipes, automobile oil drums, ventilation pipes, chimneys, filters, solar water heaters, automobile exhaust pipes, liquid (gas) tanks and so on.


1. Meet the 0.3mm-6mm various metal sheets by one roll forming, and getting micron-level rolling accuracy.

2. The width can be up to 3000mm, with EPS automatic levelling technology, automatically adjusting the two axes parallel, eliminating flared workpieces.

3. Automatically rolled into shape at one time, high rolling efficiency, single machine daily output of up to 400 pieces or more.

4. Perfect round seams with no visible straight edges, no need for pre-bending and subsequent shaping.

5. All kinds of plates,like mirrors, holes, laminates, shaded text, plating and other boards can be processed without damage.

6. Large LCD display, one-button operation, no experience requirements, low labour intensity, no longer worry about quit operators’ jobs.

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