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What do you know about plate rolling machine?

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As an important equipment for automated production, the plate rolling machine can form parts of different shapes such as cylindrical parts and cones. It is a very important processing equipment.


  • What is 3 plate rolling machine?

  • What are the classifications of plate bending machines?

  • What are the specific product cases of the plate rolling machine?



What is 3 plate rolling machine?

This series machines can pre-bend the ends of plate and then roll it to specified shape with one time loading without reversing it. The 3 rolls on machine are all driving rolls and upper roll and both lower rolls can be hydraulically driven for moving vertically and horizontally respectively. The vertical movement is controlled by computer and displayed on screen with automatic leveling and synchronization accuracy of ±0.2mm. The tilting and resetting of bearing body are hydraulically realized. A balancing mechanism is arranged at tail of upper roll for easily discharging the rolled plate rolling machines and cylindrical parts.

The plate rolling machine with horizontally adjustable lower rolls is ideal for rolling cylindrical, arc and conical parts in energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower and metallic structure industries.


What are the classifications of plate bending machines?

Due to different fields of use, the types of plate bending machines are also different. From the number of rolls, it is divided into three roll rolling machine and four roll rolling machine. The three rollers are also divided into symmetrical three roller plate bending machine, horizontal down-regulation three stick plate bending machine, arc down-regulation plate bending machine, upper roller universal three roller plate bending machine and hydraulic NC plate bending machine. From the transmission, it is divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type.

In terms of the development of the plate rolling machine, the upper roller universal type is the most backward, the horizontal down-regulation type is slightly advanced, and the arc down-regulation type is the most advanced.



What are the specific product cases of the plate rolling machine?

The automatic hydraulic 2-roll rolling machine is a new type rolling machine on which a roll is made of steel and the other roll comprises a steel core covered by elastic layer (rubber roll). The plate can be arranged between rolls with adjustable distance. With process of contacting – pressurizing–rubber roll deforming, the plate is deformed and then rolled to specified shape when both rolls are driven to rotate. The plate rolling machine has advantages of forming in one piece, high production efficiency, high geometric accuracy of finished product, good surface quality and simple structure with fewer rolls. PLC (programmable logic controller) is adopted on equipment, so operation is simple and numerical control of production process can be easily realized.

Plate rolling machine can be broadly applied in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, electromechanical industry, solar energy, aeronautics and astronautics and weapons manufacturing for rapidly rolling thin wall pipe, vent pipe, water heater pipe and filter in batch.


The earliest plate rolling machine was the symmetrical three-roll plate bending machine side. Its structure was relatively simple and could not pre-bend the end of the plate. By the 1970s, some companies had achieved initial results in the development of plate bending machines, which were able to directly pre-bend the end of the plate, but the structure was huge and the production cycle was long. Subsequently, the plate rolling machine can form the cylindrical part at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency. In the 1980s, the plate rolling machine had functions such as automatic leveling of the work rolls, tilt of the bottom rolls and horizontal lifting. Nowadays, plate rolling machines are compact and reasonable, light weight, widely welcomed by the market. ChaoLi Company has committed to providing the best rolling and bending machines at a reasonable price and would meet any needs of consumers through high-quality services.


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