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What is the application of the plate rolling machine?

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Through the continuous invention and improvement of technical personnel, the plate rolling machine is widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, hydropower, chemical, metal structure, and machinery manufacturing industries.


  • What are the precautions for using the raw materials of the plate rolling machine?

  • What are the functions of plate rolling machines sold in the market?

  • What is the method of selecting other plate rolling machine?



What are the precautions for using the raw materials of the plate rolling machine?

The automatic plate feeding technology is specially used to solve the feeding problem of the plate rolling machine during the rolling of the plate. Therefore, it must fully meet the basic requirements of the plate rolling machine's feeding action and have the following characteristics.

(1) Automatic center alignment.

The roll forming of the plate is mainly completed by the rollers of the plate bending machine. When the plate enters the rolling machine, it must be ensured that the front edge of the plate is in contact with the outer circumference of the roller at the same time, so that the rolled parts have high precision and high quality. The automatic center alignment operation of the automatic feeding equipment is mainly completed by the center alignment rod driven by the servo motor. Then the pushing device pushes the plate to the feeding place of the plate rolling machine and waits for the plate to be rolled.

(2) Flexibility.

Taking into account the particularity of the shape of the sheet, the vacuum suction cup picking device is mainly used for sheet transportation. The plate rolling machine can roll plates of different specifications and sizes. Therefore, the position of the suction cup in the vacuum suction cup pickup device of the automatic feeding equipment needs to have an appropriate adjustment function to be suitable for the handling of plates of various specifications and sizes.

(3) The speed and stability of the handling process.

To meet the working cycle of the bending machine and the safety of the handling process, the automatic feeding of the plate handling process must have better speed and stability to prevent overshoot and vibration during the handling process.


What are the functions of plate rolling machines sold in the market?

All 3 rolls of 3 Rolls Small Or Medium Thickness Plate Rolling Machine on this machine are driving rolls of which the upper roll is fixed and both lower rolls can rotate around a fixed axis to perform curved vertical moving to roll plate without slipping. It can roll the plate to cylindrical, arc, or conical plate rolling machine as required with one-time loading. It can also pre-bend plate and complete pre-bending and rolling of the plate with one-time loading. It is controlled by computer with aiding of touchscreen shown, so it has advantages of easy operation, high efficiency and compact structure with economical and practical natures. It applies to rolling plates with a small or medium thickness.


What is the method of selecting other plate rolling machine?

plate rolling machines and materials are different. To roll thin plates, a 2-roll plate roller bed with rapid prototyping speed and high precision can be used. For small straight-line angles, asymmetric plate rolling machines requiring rotation and prior bending can also be used. Mechanical three roll symmetrical bench machine with straight and long surfaces is the most common. The four-roll plate rolling machine has high precision and speed, and the price is relatively expensive. Large-scale coils generally use downward adjustment plate rolling machine.


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