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What is the metal rolling machine?

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The metal rolling machine is an important part of the iron and steel industry producers, which can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs with automated steps.


What is the metal rolling machine?

The metal rolling machine is a device that realizes the metal rolling process. Refers to equipment that completes the entire process of rolling stock production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting, and transportation equipment, and auxiliary equipment. But generally speaking, rolling mills often only refer to main equipment.

It is said that there were rolling mills in Europe in the 14th century, but it is recorded that in 1480 the Italian Leonardo da Vinci designed a sketch of the rolling mill. In 1553, the Frenchman Brilier rolled out gold and silver plates to make coins. Since then, rolling mills have appeared in Spain, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. The rolling mill designed in 1728 for the production of round bars is a rolling mill designed in 1728 for the production of round bars in Britain. In 1766, the United Kingdom had a series of small metal rolling machines. In the mid-19th century, the first reversible plate metal rolling machines was put into operation in the United Kingdom and rolled out marine iron plates. Germany invented the universal rolling mill in 1848. In 1853, the United States began to use a three-roll profile rolling mill and used a steam engine-driven lifting table to achieve mechanization. Then came the Lauter mill in the United States. The first continuous metal rolling machines was built in 1859. The universal profile metal rolling machines appeared in 1872; a semi-continuous strip mill was made in the early 20th century, consisting of two three-high roughing mills and five four-high finishing mills.



What is the function of the metal rolling machine?

A metal rolling machines refers to a complete set of mechanical equipment for parallel processing and rolling of metal billets. Rolling is generally divided into cold rolling and hot rolling. Therefore, rolling mills are also divided into cold rolling mills and hot rolling mills. However, general rolling mills are based on the arrangement and arrangement of the rolls. Number classification. The metal rolling machines mainly rolls the unformed metal billet into the required metal material shapes such as pipes and plates. Rolling sheet metal into cylindrical, arc, sector, cone, and other metal rolling machines. It is a piece of general metal rolling machines specially used for bending, forming, and correcting sheet metal. It is used in shipbuilding, chemical industry, boilers, water and electricity, pressure vessels, and machinery manufacturing. It has a wide range of applications in various industries.


What are the advantages of metal rolling mills?

Compared with cold-rolled steel, it seems that hot-rolled low-carbon steel has a wide range of carbon content, so it is more difficult for blacksmiths to control the quality of the finished metal rolling machines. Also for similar metals, the cost of hot-rolled products is generally lower than that of cold-rolled products.

Hot rolling is mainly used to produce sheet metal parts or products with simple metal rolling machines, such as railroad tracks. Other typical uses of hot-rolled metal include truck frames, automobile wheels, pipes and tubes, water heaters, agricultural equipment, belts, stampings, compressor housings, rail vehicle parts, wheel rims, construction metal structures, railway hopper cars, doors, Shelves, CDs, guardrails, automobile clutch plates.


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