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3 Rollers Tube Bending Machine

Tube bending machine with 3 rolls on are driven by hydraulic motors and gears. Both side rolls are hydraulically driven to move vertically and can rotate around a fixed axis…

Lower roller and horizontal moving device

The lower roll device consists of lower roll, lower roll bearing seat, lower roll input gear, lower roll sliding bearing, etc.

The material of lower roll is 45# steel, rough machining and tempering treatment, HB240~280, according to JB/ZG4289-86 roll steel standard, the stiffness is in accordance with (1/700~1/1000)L L - refers to the distance between the center line of both sides of the frame.

The lower roll sliding bearing is made of SF-2 self-lubricating composite material.

The horizontal moving device is powered by the horizontal moving motor, which drives the upper roll device to move horizontally through the worm gear box and filament fillet mechanism to realize the asymmetric rolling of the plate.

Roll device

The roller device is composed of rollers, nut and screw mechanism, inclined wedge mechanism, etc.

The material of the rollers is 45# steel, the surface hardness of the rollers is lower than the surface hardness of the lower rollers, and the spiral groove is turned on the surface to effectively prevent the oxidized skin and impurities of the lower rollers from damaging the working surface of the lower rollers.

There are one set of four rollers in each group, which are adjusted up and down according to the load size of the rolled sheet specifications.

Main drive unit

The main drive consists of main motor, coupling, reducer box, electro-hydraulic push rod brake, etc. The output gear of reducer drives two lower roll gears.

The main drive can turn forward and reverse to provide the rolling torque for the sheet rolling.

Tipping device

The tipping device is composed of ram, tipping cylinder, etc.

The piston rod of the tipping cylinder is chrome plated.

The overturning device is easy to take out the products along the axial direction of the rolls.

Tube bending machine with 3 rolls on are driven by hydraulic motors and gears. Both side rolls are hydraulically driven to move vertically and can rotate around a fixed axis to perform curved vertical moving. A carrier roll and a correcting guide roll are respectively arranged at both sides of the working roll to ensure quality of rolling section with asymmetric cross section (such as angle steel). It can roll various sections including circular tube, square tube, etc.

The machine is a curved 3-roll section bending machine and can pre-bend the section. The machine mainly comprises a body, side rolls, a carrier roll, a transmission part, an electric part, a hydraulic system and dies.

Standrad equipment:

High strength and wear-resistant forging moulds,heart treated and submitted to non-destructive structure controls.

Digital display for all shafts

3 driven shafts

Steel welded heavy frame construction,stress relieved.

All control operations are conveniently located on an independent  control console.

High-power hydraulic motor

Both horizontal and vertical working

Extended shafts for correction

Optional equipments:

Mobile control pannel

Oil cooling system


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