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How to use 4 roll plate bending machine?

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The 4-roller plate rolling machine can bend the metal plate into a cylindrical drum, a cone, or a part of them. The equipment adopts a combination of mechanical and hydraulic transmission; the main motor is driven by the main reducer and the cross slider coupling. The 4-roller plate rolling machine makes a rotating movement, and the lifting of the lower roller is driven by two high-pressure oil cylinders installed in the left and right frames.


  • How to use the 4-roller plate rolling machine?

  • How does the 4-roller plate rolling machine roll and teach the circle?

  • What is the function of the 4-roller plate rolling machine?



How to use the 4-roller plate rolling machine?

1. The 4-roller plate rolling machine must be managed by a dedicated person.

2. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, and use of the rolling machine, and can only operate after the approval of the responsible manager.

3. Check carefully whether the safety device is in good condition before starting the machine.

4. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to put hands and feet on the rollers, transmission parts, and workpieces.

5. After work is interrupted, the clutch should be turned neutral.

7. Overwork is strictly prohibited.

8. The tilting reset of the lifting and turning to bear of the upper roller and the balancing of the upper roller must be carried out after the main drive is stopped.

9. It is forbidden to pile up workpieces and debris in the workplace so that the machine tool and the site are kept clean at all times.

10. After the operation is completed, the power supply should be cut off and the power supply box should be locked.


How does the 4-roller plate rolling machine roll and teach the circle?

The drum rolled by the 4-roller plate rolling machine has a small diameter (that is, a small radius of curvature) and wall thickness. Before rolling with the 4-roller bending machine, a circular arc template should be made, and the pre-bending arc should be checked with the template while pre-bending. It should be bent a little more, but not too much. This step should be too thin so that the rolled cylinder is very close to the standard cylinder size, and it is much easier to correct the next step (you can also calculate the lifting height of the four rollers The pre-bending radian that meets the requirements is prefabricated, but the calculation process is more complicated).  If the amount of pre-bending is too large or insufficient, after the welding is completed, a circular arc inclined iron can be used on the 4-roller plate rolling machine, and the welding seam at the pout or indentation can be adjusted to produce a qualified cylinder.


What is the function of the 4-roller plate rolling machine?

1. The 4-roller plate rolling machine is convenient for centering the sheet material and has wide process versatility. It can correct the defects such as skew and wrong edges during the rolling process; at the same time, it can complete the pre-bending and coiling of the sheet end at one time. Forming, with small remaining straight edges, is a piece of ideal equipment for rolling round and arc-shaped workpieces.

2. The CNC 4-roller plate rolling machine has the following performance characteristics:

Good comprehensive mechanical properties, high strength, strong wear resistance, suitable for high-load work, long service life.


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