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Vertical And Horizontal CNC Profile Rolling Machine

According to operating requirements, it can be positioned on the vertical axis and the horizontal axis.
  • Nantong Chaoli

Product Description

The profile rolling machine produced by our company is an efficient profile rolling equipment, suitable for various specifications of profiles, such as channel steel, angle steel, H-shaped steel, I-beam, flat steel, square tube, round tube, square tube, etc. The end of the pre-bendable profile can be bent into a circle, ring, arc, spiral and other workpieces, which are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, hydropower, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, steel structures, etc.


1. The rolling mold or tooling can be customized according to the customer's external dimensions. Due to tempering and quenching treatments, they provide ideal surface hardness and wear resistance.

2. The two lower rollers can rotate around a fixed center to pre-bend the profile.

3. This metal forming machine is equipped with a displacement sensor (grating scale) to ensure that the positions of the two lower rollers can be accurately monitored and displayed on the control panel. The accuracy is as high as ±0.15mm.

4. The three-axis (front and back | up and down | left and right) guide rollers are driven by hydraulic cylinders and controlled by the console, which is convenient to control the deformation and rolling accuracy of the profile.

5. The three rollers are individually driven by hydraulic motors and can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise.

6. All movements of the corner rollers are powered by the hydraulic power station.

7. The profile rolling machine runs in the horizontal and vertical directions


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