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How to use 2-roller plate rolling machine?

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The 2-roller plate rolling machine is the key machine to realize small-scale production. It can meet the needs of small producers while realizing automated production and make up for the deficiencies in the market.


  • How to use the 2-roller plate rolling machine?

  • How to adjust the size of the 2-roller plate rolling machine?

  • What are the classifications and advantages of 2-roller plate rolling machine?


How to use the 2-roller plate rolling machine?

1. For the length of the sheet, use the cylinder's "Pitch Diameter X Circumference Ratio", [(outer diameter + inner diameter)/2].

2. The plate head should be "pre-curved" and the radius should be the same as the cylinder diameter.

3. The "recognition head" must be "perpendicular" to the 2-roller plate rolling machine.

4. The pressurized feed should be gradual and not too hasty.

5. The roll should be rolled to the end once in one feed, and no feed in the middle.

6. When the speed is fast, you should use the cylinder outer diameter circular arc measuring board to check the "roundness" at any time

7. Avoid "over rolling".

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How to adjust the size of the 2-roller plate rolling machine?

There should be a cone-rolling device on the base frame of one end of the existing 2-roller plate rolling machine. Know whether the diameter of the upper roller and the distance between the two lower rollers can meet the minimum head diameter of your workpiece, and then draw the line according to the unfolded workpiece drawing and take the centerline. In the center of the upper and lower rollers of the plate rolling machine, use the upper roller lifting screw displacement to slowly pressurize the small head when rotating forwards and backward, and carefully observed until the two straight sides of the small head overlap. If the workpiece is unfolded and exceeds a certain center degree, the workpiece may collide with the base frame in the direction of the small head, and the roll head device may be reset at the position where the collision does not occur at a certain distance.


What are the classifications and advantages of 2-roller plate rolling machine?

The 2-roller plate rolling machine is divided into two types: mechanical and hydraulic. It has the unique characteristics of rolling various steels and has the characteristics of high efficiency of the manufacturing process, energy-saving, and material saving.

1. Any rolling mill has the good forming effect, high efficiency, and high speed.

2. Operation is simple and convenient. Employees can use the machine by reading the operation manual and understanding the general working procedure.

3.Long-term machine life. The service life of many 2-roller plate rolling machine was not long due to technical problems, but through scientific development and improvement, the service life of the current 2-roller plate rolling machine has been greatly extended.

4. Unique structure. In many automatic welding equipments, the design and structure of the 2-roller plate rolling machine have specific characteristics that are different from other welding equipment products.


The 2-roller plate rolling machine is a kind of rolling machine, which makes up for the shortage of small-scale automated production tools on the market, and is warmly welcomed by small producers. ChaoLi Company has committed to providing the most suitable 2 roll plate rolling machine at a reasonable price, and whatever it takes to satisfy the customer’s needs.



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