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What is the automatic rolling machine?

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The automatic rolling machine is auxiliary equipment in the rolling workshop that coils hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel into coils. It is arranged behind the finished stand on the hot strip continuous rolling mill (hot continuous rolling mill), cold strip continuous rolling mill, and wire rod rolling mill. ; On a single-strand reversible cold strip mill, it is installed before and after the mill.


  • What are the components of the automatic rolling machine?

  • What are the advantages of the automatic rolling machine?

  • What are the classifications of automatic rolling machine?


What are the components of the automatic rolling machine?

The automatic rolling machine can generally be divided into six basic mechanisms: automatic wire feeding frame, straightening mechanism, feeding mechanism, reducing mechanism, pitch control mechanism, and cutting mechanism. At present, the automatic rolling machine that should be the most widely used in the market is also called the CNC spring machine or the computer spring machine. Due to the development of technology and the deepening of the division of labor in the industry, CNC spring machines can be divided into spring machine equipment such as computer compression spring machines, universal spring machines, and seamless spring machines.


What are the advantages of the automatic rolling machine?

The automatic rolling machine is equipped with photoelectric tracking and automatic feeding control, automatic temperature control device, static elimination device, automatic counting and alarm device, etc., the bag making process is fully automated, easy to operate, stable performance, and strong back cover.

The automatic rolling machine adopts the screw specially designed by professional engineers, the advanced double-layer spiral die head and the cold foam device structure, so that the extruded film has a good plasticizing effect, greatly increasing the tearing strength and brightness of the film, and is flexible to adjust. High-speed dual-vent air ring with uniform air outlet density distribution, reasonable aperture-type foam stabilization structure, the above three types of polyethylene and their mixtures of different proportions are plasticized uniformly, and then the texture of the film is improved by automatic embossing.

For users: high economic efficiency, low power consumption, high productivity; small floor space, two machines on top of one machine, simple and convenient operation. The tensile strength, brightness and texture of the film are all very good.




What are the classifications of automatic rolling machine?

Because of the different fields of use, the types of automatic rolling machine are also different. From the number of rolls, it is divided into three-roller and four-roller. The three-roller is divided into the symmetrical three-roller bending machine, horizontal downward-adjusting three-roller bending machine, arc-downward-adjusting plate bending machine, upper-roller universal three-roller bending machine, and hydraulic CNC bending machine. From the transmission point of the mechanical type and hydraulic type. In terms of the development of plate bending machines, the upper roll universal type is relatively backward, the horizontal down adjustment type is slightly advanced, and the arc down adjustment type is very advanced.


The automatic rolling machine has been widely used in the large-scale production process. It can be welcomed by large-scale producers for its high production efficiency and low energy consumption. ChaoLi Company has worked for several years to meet the need of customers from industrial production, and large-scale commercial production. We can create a 24-hour engineering and development environment for automatic rolling machine production.


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