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What is the 2-roll plate bending machine?

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The 2-roller plate rolling machine completes the pre-bending of the 2 ends of the sheet and rolling the cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces at one time. It can also perform certain shaping and leveling of the metal sheet. There are direct pre-bending, labor-saving, and material-saving. Efficacy, equipped with NC system control, to improve the degree of automation.


  • What is a 2-roller plate bending machine?

  • What is the working principle of the 2-roller plate bending machine?

  • What are the classification and advantages of the 2-roller plate rolling machine?

What is a 2-roller plate bending machine?

The 2-roll plate rolling machine is a piece of 2-roller-to-roll bending equipment. Mainly used in the cold process of bending the plate thickness 0.5-6mm, width 300mm-2000mm, yield limit below 350Mpa metal plate cylindrical cylinder. It is widely used in the production of various cylindrical cylinders in automobiles, food machinery, motors, fire-fighting equipment, and other industries. The 2-roller plate rolling machine is characterized by high product precision, no straight edges, and high production efficiency. The highest accuracy error is less than 0.5mm; the highest efficiency can reach 400 per hour.

 2-roll plate rolling machine

What is the working principle of the 2-roller plate bending machine?

The working principle of the 2-roll plate rolling machine: ‍The upper roller of the plate rolling machine is at the symmetrical position of the 2 lower rollers through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston for vertical lifting movement, and the final gear of the main reducer drives the gear meshing operation of the 2 lower rollers. Rotational motion provides torque for the rolled sheet. The flat plastic metal plate of the plate bending machine passes between the three work rolls (2 lower rolls and one upper roll) of the equipment, and with the help of the pressing of the upper roll and the rotation of the lower roll, the metal sheet is continuously bent through multiple passes. Produce permanent plastic deformation, roll into the required cylinder, cone, or part of them.


What are the classification and advantages of the 2-roller plate rolling machine?

The rolling machine is divided into 2 types: mechanical and hydraulic. It has its unique characteristics, which can roll different types of steel, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy-saving, and material saving in the production process.

1. No matter what kind of rolling machine, it has a good forming effect, high efficiency, and fast speed.

2. The operation is simple and convenient. Any employee who is operating only needs to read the operation manual and understand the general workflow before using the machine.

3. Long mechanical life. Due to the previous technical problems, the working life of many rolling machines is not very long, but after scientific development and improvement, the service life of the current rolling machine has been greatly increased.

4. Unique structure. Among the many automatic welding equipment, the design and structure of the 2-roller plate rolling machine have certain characteristics, which are different from other welding equipment products.


The 2-roller plate rolling machine not only improves the degree of production automation but also reduces the production cost. Therefore, it is welcomed by most manufacturers in the market. ChaoLi Company, the pioneer in producing rolling and bending machines in China, knows that every application is special. Our knowledgeable employees can find the best solution for each scenario, especially when customized products are required. 


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