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How to use the automatic rolling machine?

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The automatic rolling machine is installed in various finishing units such as continuous pickling unit, slitting, annealing, coating, and so on. Coilers are used in many industries. Steel plate coilers in the metallurgical industry are the most representative, driven by electricity and fluids.


  • How to operate an automatic rolling machine?

  • What are the application areas of the automatic winding machine?

  • What are the main performance and characteristics of the Automatic rolling machine?



How to operate an automatic rolling machine?

1. Automatic rolling machine should be greeted when starting up. When one person is clamping, measuring, and adjusting, the other person cannot start up the bed. Before the operation, idle for 3-5 minutes and check whether all parts operate normally.

2. When the metal sheet is fed into the equipment for bending, the edge of the sheet must be perpendicular to the centerline of the roller. Carefully observe the sheet metal and do not overlap.

3. When leveling the automatic rolling machine with the cushion block, the hardness of the cushion block shall not be higher than that of the work roll. The rolled narrow sheet metal must be placed in the middle of the roller.

4. When the automatic rolling machine is still clamped in the upper and lower work rolls, do not start the turnover mechanism to turn over the beam. Only when the lower work roll stops rotating and the automatic rolling machine drops away from the upper work roll can the turnover mechanism be started to turn over the beam. Only when the overturned beam is separated from the upper take-off bearing can the upper work roll be tilted.


What are the application areas of the automatic rolling machine?

Automatic rolling machine is widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, hydropower, chemical, metal structure, and machinery manufacturing industries. It is suitable for bending and deformation of metal plates. Automatic rolling machine can roll around, arc and tapered workpieces within a certain range, and has the function of pre-bending the end of the plate. The two lower rollers of this model are active rollers that can move horizontally. The roller is a driven roller that can move up and down. There are mechanical and hydraulic movement modes. The drive shafts are all connected by universal couplings.


What are the main performance and characteristics of the Automatic rolling machine?

1. Adopt advanced microcomputer control: the digital display of length, speed, bag number, batch number, etc. of control status, automatic alarm in place, and power-off protection memory function, easy to set.

2. Feeding by servo-driven stepping motor: stable feeding and uniform tension, so that the set length is the same as the actual length of the bag. And can complete the feeding of arbitrarily set the required bag length, with small error and high accuracy.

3. Adopt photoelectric tracking: make the color pattern and the bag making orientation correct, the positioning accuracy is high, and the length deviation caused by color printing can be eliminated.

4. The main engine drive adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: Automatic rolling machine has multiple automatic protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, and overvoltage.


Automatic rolling machine is used in many industries. An automatic rolling machine is a piece of mechanical equipment that rolls products into coils. In terms of complexity, the steel plate automatic rolling machine in the metallurgical industry is representative. ChaoLi Company has committed to providing the most suitable rolling and bending machines at a reasonable price and would meet any needs of consumers through high-quality services.



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