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How to choose the 3 roller plate rolling machine?

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The function of the 3-roller plate rolling machine is to help the raw material bend into a shape suitable for industrial production. As a part of automated production, it plays an important role.


What is the product performance of the hydraulic 3-roller plate rolling machine?

What are the production characteristics of the 3-roller rolling machine?

What is the operating procedure of the 3-roller plate rolling machine?



What is the product performance of the hydraulic 3-roller plate rolling machine?

1. The main features of the hydraulic 3-roller symmetrical plate rolling machine: the upper roller of the machine can be vertically lifted, and the vertical lifting hydraulic transmission is obtained by the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston rod;

2. The lower roller is driven to rotate, and there is a supporting roller under the lower roller, which can be adjusted.

3. This machine is an upward-adjusting symmetrical 3-roller plate rolling machine, which can roll metal sheets into a circular, arc, and conical workpieces within a certain range. The two lower rollers of this machine type are active, and the upper roller is driven. Roll.

4. The main application of hydraulic 3-roller symmetrical rolling machine: it is widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, hydropower, chemical, metal structure, and machinery manufacturing industries.

5. This machine is suitable for rolling and deformation of metal plates, it can roll around, arc, and tapered workpieces within a certain range, and has the function of pre-rolling the end of the plate. The two lower rollers of this model are active. Horizontal movement, the upper roller is a driven roller that can move up and down. There are mechanical and hydraulic movement modes. The transmission shafts are all connected by universal couplings.


What are the production characteristics of the 3-roller rolling machine?

1. High-precision end pre-rolling When the end is pre-rolling, the length of the straight side can be set freely, the upper roller is pressed down, and the high-precision end pre-rolling is carried out under a certain pressure. Excellent product accuracy

2. Due to continuous rolling and high-precision end pre-rolling, products with superior precision are obtained; in addition, the upper roller is in the shape of a drum, and the supporting rollers are coordinated and adjusted, and the wide range from thin plates to thick plates can be rolled to the ideal product.

3. The high production efficiency of NC control: one-man operation, simple operation, and greatly improved efficiency.

4. The corresponding control methods for different purposes According to the application, there are the following control methods: TNC (upper NC): for multi-variety and small-volume production T&BNC (upper NC): for small-variety mass production CNC (CNC): for multi-variety mass production

5. Abundant curved shapes. There are different shapes such as rolled O-shaped, U-shaped, multi-segment R, etc. The methods are O-shaped deflection: rear deflection method U-shaped bend: front curved type Special rolling: combined type.


What is the operating procedure of the 3-roller plate rolling machine?

1. The equipment must be operated by a dedicated person. When two or more people are operating, they must cooperate closely. You should greet when you turn on the 3-roller plate rolling machine.

2.  When one person is performing clamping measurement and adjustment, the other person cannot start the 3-roller plate rolling machine.

3. Run idling for 3-5 minutes before working to check whether all parts are running normally.

4. When feeding the sheet material, the front edge must exceed the centerline of the side roller, and the two ends of the lower roller must be evenly pressed.


The 3-roller plate rolling machine is used to roll metal plates into cylindrical, arc, sector, cone, and other workpieces. It is a piece of general equipment specially used for rolling, forming, and correcting metal plates. It is used in shipbuilding, chemical industry, boilers, water and electricity, Pressure vessel and machinery manufacturing industries, has a wide range of applications. ChaoLi Company has committed to the research and product of 3-roller plate rolling machine for several years, it will provide the best quality products.


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