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What do you know about 3 roll plate rolling machine?

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The 3-roll plate bending machineis a machine that helps industrial materials to bend and has been widely used in shipbuilding, boilers, aviation, hydropower, chemical, metal structure, and machinery manufacturing industries.


  • What are the classifications of the 3-roller plate bending machine?

  • What is the working principle of the upper-roll universal 3-roller plate bending machine?

  • How to use the 3-roller plate bending machine?


What are the classifications of the 3-roller plate bending machine?

The 3-roll plate bending machine has mechanical and hydraulic types: 3-roll plate bending machine is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical.

1. Performance characteristics of mechanical 3-roller symmetrical plate bending machine: the structure of the machine is 3-roller symmetrical type, the upper roller moves vertically at the symmetrical position of the two lower rollers, and it is obtained by the transmission of the screw nut and the worm. The roller rotates and meshes with the lower roller gear through the output gear of the reducer to provide torque for the rolled plate. The disadvantage of this machine is that the end of the plate needs to be pre-bent with the help of other equipment.

2. Mechanical 3-roller asymmetrical plate bending machine: Mechanical 3-roller asymmetrical plate bending machine Main features: The structure of the machine is a 3-roller asymmetrical type, the upper roller is mainly driven, and the lower roller moves vertically to clamp The plate is meshed with the gear of the upper roller through the gear of the lower roller, and at the same time is used as the main transmission; the side roller is tilted and raised and has the dual functions of pre-bending and rounding. Compact structure, convenient operation, and maintenance.


W11 3-roll plate rolling machine

W11S 3-roll plate rolling machine

3-roll plate rolling machine

W11F 3-roll plate rolling machine

What is the working principle of the upper-roll universal 3-roller plate bending machine?

1. The upper roller of the upper roller universal 3-roller plate bending machine can move laterally. When the pre-bending plate head is required, when the upper roller moves laterally, the distance between the upper roller and one of the lower rollers can be reduced to achieve the smallest possible straight section of the pre-bent plate head achieves the ideal arc effect of the whole garden.

2. There are many types of plate rolling machines. For the horizontal down-adjusting plate rolling machine, this model can load the material at one time and complete all the processes of bending, rounding, and rounding of the plate. Moreover, the tilting and resetting of the turning bearing of the machine can satisfy the lifting of the upper shaft for the convenience of discharging the workpiece. (The tilt angle is 30°). The above functions adopt electric centralized control, which has a high degree of automation.


How to use the 3-roller plate bending machine?

Generally, 3-roll plate bending machine can roll cones with a small taper (30 degrees). The main point of rolling cones is that the linear speeds of the large and small ends are the same. Because the linear speeds of the upper rollers are the same, it is necessary to control the line of the big end. speed. It's easy if there is a cone roller device


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