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How to use a tube rolling machine?

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Tube rolling machines can be used for a variety of metal fabrication projects such as building roll cages, handrails, furniture, gates, sculptures, or automotive exhaust.


  • What is the purpose of the tube rolling machine?

  • How to use the tube rolling machine?

  • What is the Standard equipment of tube bending machines?



What is the purpose of the tube rolling machine?

Not only can we produce regular stainless steel round tubes, but also stainless steel square tubes can also produce various special-shaped tubes, such as plum blossom tubes, fan-shaped tubes, oval tubes, etc.

1. In terms of production, the tube rolling machine is mainly used for the production of decorative and industrial stainless steel and carbon steel (round pipe, square pipe, special-shaped pipe) equipment. The production of stainless steel pipe is mainly through uncoiling, forming, welding, grinding, and sizing. , Straightening, sizing, cutting, and other processes.

2. In terms of application, tube rolling machines are widely used in stainless steel anti-theft doors and windows, stair handrails, automobile exhaust pipes, muffler tailpipes, marine pipes, food sanitation pipes, fluid pipes, water pipes, compression stainless steel pipes, heat exchangers, etc. Production of stainless steel pipes.


How to use the tube rolling machine?

1. Before starting the tube rolling machine, first check whether everything is normal for the transmission connection parts, then remove the positioning pins, pull the movable mast outwards, and rotate 90º to make the suspension roller shaft out of the mast, bracket, and in a free state. The pipe mold is hoisted by a crane and inserted into the suspension roller shaft and then the door frame is closed so that the suspension roller shaft is supported in the sleeve, the positioning pin is inserted into the positioning hole, and then the raw material pipe mold is dropped to make the inner hole of the retaining ring at both ends of the mold Roll on the suspension shaft, unload the wire rope, remove the crane, and prepare to drive.

2. Turn on the speed-regulating motor to drive the suspended roller shaft to drive the mold idling. After normal operation, start the tube rolling machineto start conveying the material to the hopper and then send it into the mold through the feeder conveyor belt. The centrifugal force, roller pressure, and vibration force Function to shape the product.

3. Use a crane to lift the mold after compacting, make the suspension roller shaft and the inner wall of the mold after forming, open the door frame, drive the crane to slowly move the mold out of the suspension roller shaft, put it on the maintenance trolley and send it into the kiln for steaming Raise, and finally restore the movable mast to its original state.


What is the Standard equipment of tube bending machines?

(1) High strength and wear-resistant forging molds, heat treated and submitted to non-destructive structure controls.

(2) Digital display for all shafts.

(3) 3 driven shafts.

(4) Steel welded heavy frame construction, stress relieved.

(5) All control operations are conveniently located on an independent control console.

(6) High-power hydraulic motor.

(7) Both horizontal and vertical working.

(8) Extended shafts for correction.


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