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The specific structure of the CNC four-roller bending machine is explained as follow

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(1) Upper roller device

The upper roller device is mainly composed of a main cylinder, an upper roller bearing seat, an upper roller, and a double row self-aligning bearing. The upper roller is an important part of the rolling machine. The journals at both ends of the upper roller adopt the rolling bearing of the wide-width double-row spherical roller series. Due to the use of the spherical roller bearing, the main roller is inclined and the cone is convenient. The two main cylinders provide the required pressure for rolling the sheet (working pressure is 16 MPa and rated maximum pressure is 28 MPa).

(2) Horizontal mobile device

The horizontal moving device is powered by the moving motor, and the horizontal movement of the upper roller device is driven by the reducer, the worm gear and the screw nut mechanism to realize the asymmetric rolling of the plate.

(3) Lower roller device

The lower roller device is composed of a lower roller, a lower roller bearing housing, an input gear, a sliding bearing, and the like. The lower roller is an important part of the coiling machine, and it is suitable for use under normal temperature conditions and low speed heavy load places.

(4) Roller device

The roller device is composed of a roller, a wedge mechanism, a roller adjusting hand wheel and the like. A total of one set of rollers is adjusted up and down according to the load size of the rolled sheet.

(5) Main transmission

It consists of main motor, electro-hydraulic push rod brake, cylindrical gear reducer and output gear.

(6) Overturning device

The overturning device is composed of a ram, a dumping cylinder and the like. Installed on the side of the upside down rack for flipping and restoring the rack. The tipping device is tipped over to facilitate removal of the article in the axial direction of the roller.

(7) Hydraulic system

The upper roller is pressed and the entire movement of the inverted head is controlled centrally by a hydraulic station. The entire system consists of a hydraulic pump station, solenoid valves, stacking valves, cylinders and piping. An oil pump motor drives the gear pump through the internal gear-shaped elastic coupling. The pressure oil coming out of the oil pump first enters the pressure regulating system, sets the pressure, and then passes through the passage block and leads to the cylinder through the three-position four-way reversing valve. All valve parts and accessories are plate-type integrated block connections. In order to ensure the effective operation of the hydraulic system, a protection device is provided.

(8) Electronic control system

The equipment electronic control system includes an electric control cabinet, an operation console, a hand-held control box, and the like. The main switch of this machine has short-circuit protection and overload protection of the main motor. A main motor drives the lower roller to rotate, one motor drives the upper roller to move horizontally, and one motor drives a hydraulic pump station with short-circuit overheat protection. The forward and reverse rotation of the motor is controlled by the AC contactor; the control circuit is programmable by PLC. Controller control, fewer relays, and reliable operation.


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